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Big thank you!

22 June 2011

Hiya cajoneros and cajoneras - Big thank you to everyone who signed up to my site since going live last month, and thanks so much for all of your wonderful feedback and suggestions - love it and keep ‘em coming!

I made the first round of videos for  beginners who want music and cajon in their lives, and who are looking for accessible high quality training.  One of my online students from China, Ye Pu, wrote to me, “I have no musical talent in the world but after your lessons , I CAN DO IT !!!!!!! woop woop LOVE IT!” 

For those of you who already have some music/cajon knowledge, I'm hoping to make some higher level video training down the track. One of the things that I am really passionate about is teaching complex things so that they are accessible... so just as soon as I have saved up some more money(!) I’m hoping to make some vids for those of you that already have the basics, and want some high quality training to move you swiftly to the next level.

Here are a few comments here which warmed my heart, and gave me inspiration about my Learn Cajon project so far:

"From a number of relevant exercises and a comprehensive rhythm context, to top notch video footage, your work is very impressive...just wanted to pass on my experience, as from someone who is often digging around online for more good learning tools. Great work :)"

Jeremy P - West African percussionist turned Cajon fan :)

"FANTASTIC,  thumbs up! I think im really going to enjoy this.  I like being able to go back and over it again if I want....I have printed out the notes and have started a folder - terrific to have that to refer back to if necessary." 

Helen Palmer, Cajonera

"I must say that dealing with you was just way too easy right from the start.I have ordered instruments from various companies in the past and your prompt, professional, friendly and personalized service is just hard to beat.Thanks again and all the best!"

Jose Ravalo

"The Learn Cajon DVD is a great introduction to learning Spanish Style Cajon. The lessons are slow enough to learn the distinct technique. The notes cover all the various methods of learning including fun mnemonics, easy counting and  musical notation. The menu is easy to return to and go over exercises again.  This DVD is very professional, congratulations Claudia!"

Rose, cajon student

"Thanks for the DVD. It was great! Now I understand why my kids liked the cajon lessons - they had so much fun."

Lisa Askie

Thanks again to everyone who signed up and to all of you who gave me feedback!

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