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Ghost Notes

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What's this module about?

This chapter is a detailed analysis of the ‘GHOST NOTE’. It is essential to have clear and crisp ghost notes to be able to perform and record Cajon at a professional level. 3 ways of producing ghost notes are discussed, and are then developed into 6 different exercises for you to work through.

What will I learn?

In this module, you will learn:

  • 3 different techniques to play ghost notes
  • 6 exercises to practice and develop your ghost note techniques
  • Playing exercises with different striking patterns (RR LL etc)
  • Exercises in different rhythmic subdivisions (quavers, triplets and semiquavers)
  • Incorporating accents alongst ghost note exercises/playing
  • Playing exercises at varying tempos
What is included?
  • HD (High Definition) video with close ups and various camera angles so you can clearly observe the techniques and rhythms
  • Complimentary PDF document with detailed score (music notation) and written analysis of the rhythms discussed
How long is the module?
  • This chapter runs for 8 minutes
  • This module is a condensed version of material equivalent to 2 - 3 standard intermediate lessons
About your teacher

Byron is a professional percussionist, drummer, pianist and composer based in Sydney, Australia. He has a strong interest in Flamenco and African drumming and has studied both at home and abroad (Spain, Africa) with artists including Juan Flores, Ramon Porrina and Sibo Bangoura. Byron is a sought after musician performing regularly with numerous groups including flamenco ensemble Pena Flamenca, artists from The Voice including Lionel Cole and Rosie Henshaw, and acoustic duo Kinetic Method. Byron is a passionate educator with a Bachelor of Music and a Masters of Teaching from University of Sydney and he loves to share his knowledge and skills with people in an inspiring and fun way.
Find out more about Byron here

"Byron's lessons are an amazing resource. His experience shows and his lessons are fun and effective." Bradley Benson, Musician

Level: Intermediate
Prerequisites: Some experience with Cajon, Drum kit or Percussion
Start Date: Anytime
Teacher: Byron Mark
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