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"Byron Mark is a dynamic, energetic performer and teacher. His passion for percussion is infectious. Byron inspires our students to challenge themselves musically and grow in their confidence when performing. With a strong focus on improvisation, he encourages them to really shine on stage."
Elizabeth Ford, High-School Music Teacher

Continue your Cajon Journey!

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Welcome to your new phase of Cajon playing! As you have discovered, the Cajon is an extremely expressive and dynamic percussive instrument, and it is in the Intermediate modules you can begin to delve further into obtaining distinctive sounds and learning new rhythms!

Our first intermediate series explores Cajon playing TECHNIQUES, and POP & ROCK beats, specifically adapted for the Cajon.

Check out the individual chapters on the left; or purchase the whole set for a discounted price of $64.99. Each chapter comes with a FREE pdf score, detailing the rhythms discussed in the lesson.

Keep visiting our page to see the new videos that will be coming out soon! And, please contact us and let us know if there is a particular concept you would like us to cover in future tutorials.

About these modules


An ALL NEW INTERMEDIATE Cajon resource for you to develop your playing. Designed after years of performance and teaching experience, bringing to you practical applications of the Cajon that REALLY WORK!

  • Core rudiments are discussed, so that you have a strong foundation in order to take your Cajon playing to the next level


  • Learn some essential Pop & Rock rhythms to add to your groove collection and understand different ways to play these rhythms, whilst incorporating essential rudiments


  • PDF resources available with musical notation and content summaries


  • Clear explanations with step-by-step breakdown and exercises


  • Begin to accessorise your Cajon with other percussion instruments!


  • Work at your own pace and repeat each module as many times as you like


  • Previous experience and practice on Cajon is recommended before studying with these chapters


  • Filmed in HD with close up camera shots included 


  • You can stream these videos as many times as you wish or download them to your own computer


How does it work?

Each chapter includes the following information and resources:

  • A professional, multi-angle HD video, teaching you essential and exciting technique, rudiments and rhythms on your Cajon with an exciting an innovative approach


  • Each chapter has a complimentary PDF document for you to follow along with, including musical score notation of all rhythms and exercises discussed


  • The TECHNIQUE chapters offer numerous methods on how to play key drumming rudiments 


  • Multiple practice exercises provided in each Chapter to practice and develop your techniques/rhythms


  • Live guest musician in several chapters to showcase how the rhythms taught can work on stage when working with other band members


What people say

“One of the most talented, creative, innovative & musical musicians I've ever met.” 

Deva Permana: Sydney Session Drummer

"Byron is the most rhythmically reliable & energetic player around. His precision, dedication and charisma behind every beat is flawless. A true cajon master!”

Rosie Henshaw: Singer/Guitarist/Song-writer/Cajon player

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About your teacher


Byron is a professional percussionist, drummer, pianist and composer based in Sydney, Australia. He has a strong interest in Flamenco and African drumming and has studied both at home and abroad (Spain, Africa) with artists including Juan Flores, Ramon Porrina and Sibo Bangoura. Byron is a sought after musician performing regularly with numerous groups including flamenco ensemble Pena Flamenca, artists from The Voice including Lionel Cole and Rosie Henshaw, and acoustic duo Kinetic Method. Byron is a passionate educator with a Bachelor of Music and a Masters of Teaching from University of Sydney and he loves to share his knowledge and skills with people in an inspiring and fun way.