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Imagine a performance where you can see only the hands of the musicians… What does it sound like? How do you react? Are your emotions affected when you listen to a piece of music being performed in the dark?

"GLOW GALAXY" is a unique, world premier interactive performance concept, exploring rhythm and melody in an untapped performance environment: darkness! Equipped with glow-in-the-dark accessories, musicians and students perform exciting rhythms with choreography emphasised by the glow of UV lights.

Both Claudia Chambers and Byron Mark are qualified and accredited teachers with the NSW Department of Education and through “GLOW GALAXY” they incorporate the core Concepts of Music from the Creative Arts and Music syllabuses as examined in NSW schools. Duration, pitch, dynamics, tone colour, texture and structure are all explored throughout the interactive performance and in the units of work provided for teachers post-performance. (See attached document how "GLOW GALAXY" relates to NSW Creative Arts and Music Syllabus and Music Outcomes).

Performing in the dark opens up discussion and awareness of many important musical ideas. Our sense of sound and listening is heightened when you cannot see your fellow band members, and musical communication is discussed and explored through listening and participating in “GLOW GALAXY”.

Please contact us if you would like GLOW GALAXY to come to your school, community day or corporate event!