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Complete Beginner Series

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About this package

Purchase ALL 6 modules in the Beginner series! All of the Learn Cajon modules are designed to help you master the cajon through learning fun and funky rhythms with great technique!

What is included?
  • Six Instructional Videos with step by step demonstration of rhythms and techniques being taught
  • Additional Videos with exercises designed to systematically build up your ability and skills as you play along
  • HD (High Definition) video with close ups and various camera angles so you can clearly observe the techniques and rhythms
  • Clear explanations using visual auditory and kinaesthetic approaches to learning
  • Complimentary PDF documents guiding you through each module including notation of all rhythms and exercises, background to the rhythms, study plans and glossary of terms
Video Modules
  • Introduction to CAJON TECHNIQUE
  • Introduction to SPANISH FLAMENCO RUMBA
  • Introduction to POP & ROCK
  • Introduction to SHUFFLE BEATS
  • Introduction to FLAMENCO BULERIAS
About your teacher

Claudia lived in Spain for five years studying percussion with many cajon players including Isaac Figueras (Chiquelo, Diego Carrasco) and Juan Flores (Duquende, Manuel Soto). She then moved to Ireland to play and record with Mexican guitar duo, Rodrigo y Gabriela, and went on to work with other artists including folk legend Luka Bloom. For the next three years she performed in many parts of Europe including Holland, Czech Republic, Denmark, Ireland and Spain. She also taught cajon and drums at the Irish Drum Academy and Waltons School of Music. She now lives in Sydney and performs with various groups, and teaches percussion for the Department of Education and Training.
Find out more about Claudia here

"Claudia Chambers possesses the rare combination of being a great performer and an excellent teacher. Super organised, very experienced... I can warmly recommend her as an excellent person to learn cajon from." Allan Watson, Associate Principal Percussionist & Timpanist Australian Opera & Ballet Orchestra Managing Director - Optimum Percussion

Level: Beginner
Teacher: Claudia Chambers
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