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Bulerias Module 1
Introduction to Bulerias

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What's this module about?

Bulerias is one of the most fascinating rhythms in Flamenco music and dance. Consisting of 12 beats per bar or "compas", it's a more complex rhythm - and great fun to learn to understand and play. For anyone who wants to get a crystal clear understanding on what bulerias is all about, this module is ideal.

Great for learning to play with other flamenco musicians and dancers - or to expand your own rhythmic potential.

What will I learn?

In this module, you will learn:

  • three different approaches to understanding bulerias compas (palmas and cajon)
  • two different patterns for playing bulerias on the cajon
  • how to use triplet patterns in bulerias
  • how to play a short flamenco bulerias sequence combining compas and triplets
  • technique for playing bulerias
  • background to bulerias
What is included?
  • Instructional Video with step by step demonstration of rhythms and techniques being taught (18 minutes)
  • Additional video with eleven exercises designed to systematically build up your ability and skills as you play along (9 minutes)
  • Written notes guiding you through the module including notation of rhythms, background to bulerias, glossary and study plan
  • Clear explanations using visual auditory and kinaesthetic approaches to learning
  • HD (High Definition) video with close ups and split screens so you can easily see correct technique
How long is the module?

Material included in this module is equlvalent to approximately three introductory level classes, or two intermediate classes.

About your teacher

Claudia lived in Spain for five years studying percussion with many cajon players including Isaac Figueras (Chiquelo, Diego Carrasco) and Juan Flores (Duquende, Manuel Soto). She then moved to Ireland to play and record with Mexican guitar duo, Rodrigo y Gabriela, and went on to work with other artists including folk legend Luka Bloom. For the next three years she performed in many parts of Europe including Holland, Czech Republic, Denmark, Ireland and Spain. She also taught cajon and drums at the Irish Drum Academy and Waltons School of Music. She now lives in Sydney and performs with various groups, and teaches percussion for the Department of Education and Training.
Find out more about Claudia.

"Claudia is a fabulous teacher. I loved learning all the variations around the main rhythm, and technique for correct sounds." Serena Joy, Flamenco dance teacher and performerRead more testimonials

Level: Suitable for Beginners - Intermediate
(7 years and older)
Prerequisites: Cajon Technique Module 1
Rhythms in Three Module 1
Start Date: Anytime
Teacher: Claudia Chambers
(Streaming + Download)
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