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Who is Requena?

  • Requena

Juan Requena is a master cajon maker who lives and works in Cordoba, in the south of Spain. He is a woodworker, and instrument maker specialising in cajons and snare drums, and is constantly refining his drums so that they lead the high quality end of the cajon market.

Living and working in Andalusia, in the heart of Flamenco, and a percussionist himself, Juan Requena is finely attuned to the specific sounds and feels that drummers and percussionists are looking for in a cajon.

Current endorsees of Requena cajons include: Barcelona's funky Flamenco band, Ojos de Brujo, Pepe Motos (Sara Baras, Paco de Lucia), Javier Mera "Katumba" (Niña Pastori, Jose Merce etc) Luis Dulzaides (Ketama, Alejandro Sanz, Estopa), Isaac Vigueras (Chiquelo, Miguel Poveda), Juan Flores (Orozco), Joselito Carrasco (Antonio Canales) etc.

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