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Learn Cajon Highlights

Seeing the Cajon being played at a small flamenco gig in Barcelona was the start of a very special and unexpected journey. Some highlights over the years include:

Recording on their second album, Re-Foc with Rodigo y Gabriela

Meeting Rodrigo and Gabriela while busking in Barcelona and then moving to Ireland to play and record with them was an amazing opportunity and one which opened up the start of my Dublin adventure.

Touring with Luka Bloom in Ireland and Holland

Luka came to a gig I was playing at the Old Mill just out of Dublin where I was playing with a Spanish trio, Viento y Fuego. After having a jam with him, I had the honour of accompanying him in various gigs around Ireland as well as on a tour in Holland with him and Susie Ng on the violin.

Playing at the Sydney Opera House

An experience of a lifetime was developing and performing in an ensemble work with established Sydney flamenco dance school Los Carmonas directed by Adriana Rodriguez at the Babies Proms in 2013. A magical story of flamenco music and dance created for kids under 5.

Glow Galaxy

"GLOW GALAXY" is a unique interactive performance, exploring rhythm and melody in an untapped performance environment: darkness! Equipped with glow-in-the-dark accessories, musicians and students perform exciting rhythms from around the world with choreography emphasised by the glow of UV lights. Check it out here!

Cajon duo at Australian Ultimate Drummers' Weekend (AUDW)

Byron Mark and I performed and conducted a workshop at the 2013 AUDW in Melbourne alongside Mark Schulman (Pink), Gregg Bisonette (Ringo Star) and Dom Famularo. We had a total blast. Check it out here!

Artist in Residence - Australia Council for the Arts

Byron Mark and I received an Artist in Residence grant to work at a primary school in Sydney's Macquarie Fields to bring Cajon drumming to the school community over a one year period. 

Can-Do Musos

I was thrilled to be invited to be invited to be on the Can-Do Musos International Advisory Committee. The group was established to promote and support musicians who face "challenges" in their lives. Find out more about Can-Do Musos here.

Australian Chamber Orchestra - ACO Move

 Being part of the Australian Chamber Orchestra's ACO Move project run by Dean Watson has been a lot of fun. Bringing together young people facing challenges with movement, dance and Cajon at the ACO studios. 

About Learn Cajon

This site is the crystallisation of many years of teaching, performing and selling of Cajons. The Learn Cajon modules were developed over an 18 month period where they were tested on students, refined and edited again and again. All videos were shot in HD, and are supported by accompanying exercises and thorough background notes (PDF's). We didn't cut any corners, and the result is high quality Cajon training that will get your playing sounding awesome and your musical understanding rock solid - quickly and effortlessly.

We're excited to announce a collaboration with Byron Mark which brings his fantastic teaching and playing to the site. Check out his Intermediate videos in the Learn section and stay tuned for his Advanced modules coming soon.

As with our high standard of teaching, we only stock the finest quality Spanish Requena Cajon drums from Cordoba and 100% German Schlagwerk drums. I have been playing and selling Cajons since 1998, and Schlagwerk and Requena are my Cajon makers of choice. They consistently produce outstanding drums with no corners cut on quality of sound and workmanship at a pricepoint which reflects value for money. 

I am committed to providing excellent service, and to sharing my love for this wonderful instrument.

Look forward to hearing from you through the site!

Claudia :)

What is a cajon?

The cajon (Spanish for 'box' or 'drawer') is a wooden drum with one side made of thin plywood for hitting. It can be played with hands or wire brushes. Originally from Peru, it developed from African slaves playing percussion on cod fishing crates or other boxes to replace their native drums.

Over time, and with much experimentation, the cajon developed into a world class instrument. Since the 1970s when flamenco guitarist Paco de Lucia introduced it into his music, the cajon has spread worldwide in popularity. Today, apart from its well-established place in Spanish, Flamenco and Latin American music, the cajon is used by artists as diverse as Ben Harper, Tracy Chapman, Pharoah Sanders, Luka Bloom and even Jennifer Lopez!

Modern flamenco cajons made by Requena Percussion and Schlagwerk Percussion combine their own construction designs with traditional instrument shapes and materials from Peru and Cuba. Known for their strong bass and distinctive 'snare' sounds (created from steel guitar strings attached to the inside of the hitting surface) the cajon is often referred to as a drumkit in a box!

Special thanks

This project has come about because of the amazing network of people who helped me to create it. With special thanks to:

My wonderful mentor and friend Debbie Pask, Video producer Vanna Seung (VSS Studios), Juan Requena of Requena Percussion, Adriana Rodriguez & Los Carmonas Studio, Allan and Carolyn Watson of Optimum Percussion, Javi and Spanish Tapas, Jo-anne Breneger, Patrick Lesslie, Justin Neely, Annalise Friend, Simone Pope, Charlotte Askie, Oliver Askie, Olivia Rivas, Rosi Rivas, Diego Rodriguez, Ana Maria Campos and the students at Spanish School of Dance, Yolanda Campos and the students at Sangre Espanola, Juan Flores, Isaac Figueras, Greg Sheehan, Bobby Singh, Dave Hingerty, Rosa Reyes, Luka Bloom, Angel, Tomas Dietz, Damian Castaldi, Solange Kershaw, Sarah Waterson, Dean Watson, Jenny Pitty, Catherine Zimdahl, Tomas Arroquerro, Pedro Altuna, Sandra Kozleuchar, Cali Prince, Richard Prince, James Pask, Kua La, Jenni Dal, Paul Whyte, Terry Cole, Zelda & Bella, Koula Thambyah, Michael Megna, Antonetta di Stefano, Lynne Emslie, Lauren Esdail, Louise Godley, Rached Hayak, Ellen Macleay.
A special thank you to my parents Margaret and Carrick Chambers for their ongoing support and belief in me.

With thanks to Requena Percusion and Pepe Motos for use of Requena Percussion soundtrack.